Listing Optimization Service.

Amazon listing optimization refers to the process of tailoring your product listing so that you rank as high in the search results as possible. It is the process of optimizing your listings to increase traffic and conversion. Amazon listing optimization is a constant process. Amazon A9 Algorithm keeps changing, a “set it and forget it” strategy does not work with Amazon listings.

Expertmoose understands how A9 algorithm works and we constantly monitor, update your listings which will drive sales and take your business to the next level.

Expertmoose Amazon Listing Optimization Services includes:

  • Highly Optimized and Compelling Product Titles with SEO search Keywords
  • Detailed HTML Product Description
  • 5 Value-driven Bullet Points to strengthen the purchasing desire
  • Single & Variation Listings
  • SEO Keywords
  • In-Depth Competitor Research
  • In-Depth analysis of the products
  • Search Terms
  • Crisp and to the point description
  • Simple and easy to understand
  • Engaging & Persuasive Copywriting (Highlight Features & Benefits)
  • Monitoring conversion rates and making changes to the copy to increase conversion rate